Boost Your Curb Appeal in Clover, Fort Mill & Lake Wylie, SC

Turn to a local tree company for help

A well-maintained property will make a great first impression on your visitors. Keep your landscape pretty, clear and safe with tree services from Walker's Tree Service in Clover, Fort Mill & Lake Wylie, SC. Our tree company can provide residential and commercial services like:

We can even trim around power lines to prevent branches from damaging them. Get in touch with one of our tree experts today.

Keep your building and vehicles safe

Tree limbs hanging over your building, power lines or parking area are a constant threat. Don't wait for a disaster. Bring in the pros for branch removal.
If a tree looks weak or is leaning over, you may want to remove it entirely. As a bonus, once you remove a tree, you'll have room for yard features like a patio or pool. Call 704-579-1740 today for a free estimate on tree services.

Say goodbye to annoying tree stumps

Tree stumps may not seem too inconvenient, but they're still a hazard. They're just waiting to damage a lawnmower or twist an ankle. Keep your yard safe by letting the pros:

Grind up the stump and its roots

Fill in the hole after it's gone

Clean up any leftover debris

Set up stump grinding services from our tree company today.