7 Fun Facts That You May Not Know About Shade Trees

gardener pruning trees with pruning shears on nature background.

Shade trees are an essential part of any landscape, providing beauty and numerous environmental and economic benefits. While most people know about the essential benefits of shade trees, such as providing shade and improving air quality, you may have yet to learn many intriguing facts about these trees. 1. Shade Trees Can Help Save Energy […]

All About Tree Pruning: Health, Safety, Aesthetic & Environmental Benefits

Gardener Shaping Plants Using Heavy Duty Garden Scissors. Spring Maintenance.

Tree pruning is an essential aspect of tree maintenance, and it can offer a wide range of benefits to the health and longevity of your trees. While many people believe that pruning is just about removing dead or diseased branches, there is much more to it than that. In this blog, we will explore the […]

If Tree Leaves Could Talk: Warning Signs of Excessive Watering

a gardener waters a grown tree from a watering can

Healthy and hydrated trees signify a thriving landscape, but too much water can be even worse than not enough. You may think that supplying your beloved tree with plenty of water is the right thing to do, but too much water can cause root rot and other issues that may be irreversible. Here are a […]

3 Strategies for Protecting Your Trees From Wildlife Damage in Winter

Workers stand on a crane and examine diseased tree branches that need to be pruned with a chainsaw

Winter can be a difficult season for homeowners, especially when it comes to protecting your trees from wildlife. As temperatures drop and food sources become scarce, animals of all shapes and sizes will seek out your trees as sources of sustenance. Fortunately, with proper preparation, you can prevent damage to your trees and keep nature’s […]