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Here’s Why Maintaining Your Trees Is Important

Rock Hill, SC has a climate that supports the growth of a variety of native trees, including eastern hemlock, bald cypress, and river birch. Whether your property is home to deciduous trees, coniferous trees, or a combination, it’s important to keep them well-maintained. Ensuring that your trees are in good shape offers the following benefits.

Prevent Injury and Property Damage

Trees that aren’t maintained can be overgrown and full of broken or dying branches. When high winds and storms come to Rock Hill during the fall and winter, these branches pose a risk to your home and family. Broken branches can break windows, damage roofs, and topple on cars. They can also injure anyone nearby when they fall.

In addition to threatening your property, broken branches can damage your neighbor’s property, leaving you on the hook for paying for damages. Preventing this is as easy as investing in annual tree maintenance.

Add to Your Property Value and Boost Curb Appeal

Your home’s landscaping and exterior are the first, and quite often the only, things that people see. Trees and shrubs that are overgrown or damaged affect the aesthetics of your entire property. Whether or not you plan to sell your home in the future, keeping your trees and shrubs looking great is an excellent way to maintain positive curb appeal. Our experts at Walker’s Tree Service can help with services like trimming and pruning to improve the structure and overall appearance of all your trees.

Keep Pests Away

The trees on your property can easily suffer insect damage. Some insects, such as bark beetles, can eat the bark off your trees and leave them vulnerable during the fall and winter. Other insects, such as caterpillars, chew on your tree’s leaves. Insects like the Asian long-horned beetle will bore into the center of your trees and weaken them. That can lead to dead trees. Preventative maintenance can help you detect signs of an infestation early before your trees are irreparably damaged.

Living to Maturity

Homeowners should consider their trees as an investment. When a tree is well cared for, it can live for decades or even longer. Healthy mature trees add value to your home and are very difficult to replace. Sure, you can always plant new trees, but they take many years to reach maturity. Simply caring for the trees you have is the easiest way to enjoy all the benefits of mature trees on your property.

There are many things that you can do yourself to keep your trees healthy. Ensuring that they are adequately watered and fertilized and protected from the weather should be part of your yard care to-do list. You should also schedule regular professional tree services such as pruning and trimming. At Walker’s Tree Service, we can keep your trees looking great year-round. We also provide land clearing, tree removal, and storm cleanup services. Reach out to us today to set up an appointment.

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Tree Expert!
Contact our team of tree experts to schedule a service today!
Talk to a
Tree Expert!
Contact our team of tree experts to schedule a service today!