Need a Stump Removed?

Connect with a stump grinding service in Clover, Fort Mill & Lake Wylie, SC

If you want to make more room on your property, bring in Walker's Tree Service for stump grinding services in Clover, Fort Mill & Lake Wylie, SC. Count on us for comprehensive stump removal. Our team will dig 6-12 inches into the ground to grind out all of the roots. Even if we didn't cut down the tree, we can still provide stump grinding services.

After we're done, we'll fill in the hole with the material of your choice and remove any debris. That way, you'll never know a stump was even there. Usually, we put the material from the stumps back into the hole, but we can also haul it away at your request.

The benefits of stump removal

Aside from being an eyesore, stumps are very inconvenient. Get stump grinding services to prevent:

  • Causing damage to lawnmowers that hit them
  • Insects like termites or ants from building nests around the stump
  • Someone tripping over a stump and becoming injured
Reach out today for a free stump removal estimate.